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Cost of a Home Inspection

The fee for a home inspection is based on the list value of a home.  Typically the higher cost of a home the higher the square footage.  Which equals more bathrooms,  more furnaces and AC units to inspect.  The inspection takes 4 hours, 3 for the inspection and 1 hour for the walk through.

Condo $175

Excludes exterior, furnace, and attic inspection.

Townhouse $275

Excludes exterior inspection. Includes furnace and AC unit.

Single Family Home

Value of Home
$001 - $099k: $300
$100k -$299k: $400
$300k -$399k: $440
$400k -$499k: $480
$500k and up call for estimate

Radon Testing $200

Radon testing takes 48 hours to get results. The testing unit needs to be in place for for 2 days to complete accurate air testing.

Our specialization

Minnesota climates are one of extremes. From -30 to 100+ degrees can take a toll on a home.  With our knowledge of insulation, siding, roofing and structure we can give you the wisdom to purchase a home in confidence.


Looking for leaks, unusual wear and tear, damage, and problems that may have occurred during shingle installation or repairs.

Foundation Structure

Looking for foundation cracks, damaged walls and floors, and other signs of trouble.


Plumbing inspection will include checks anywhere water runs through your house. This includes sinks, toilets, tubs, lines, and pipes.


Any sings of water intrusion and decay in exterior walls, walk ways, and driveways. Encroaching plant life and water drainage.


Electrical inspection provides a examination of your entire electrical system, including all electrical wires, panels, systems, and components.

Heating Cooling

Includes a full visual examination to check all the working parts of your furnace, A/C and duct system.

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